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Real of Faked: K.Michelle's Teeth Fall out at concert!

: At a recent concert in San Francisco - one of K Michelle's fake teeth popped out her mouth. After the show she had her security FIND THE TOOTH - and they put it back in her mouth.

It is kind of RATCHET, but you KNOW A CHICK IS GIVING A GOOD PERFORMANCE . . . if she's SINGING SO HARD that one of her teeth POPS OUT!! We can't wait to see K Michelle when she gets back to NYC. We hope she sings off a COUPLE OF TEETH when we're in the audience.

Here's the review of what happened, from a trusted MTO SNITCH:

After the first couple of songs, K Michelles tooth popped right out from the front of her mouth! I was in the front row and saw something fly, and I assume she hit it with her mic really hard.

She noticed it and went to take a sip of her JACK DANIELS. Then she smiled and the front row was like OMG! It was a HUGE black gap in her front grill!

The rest of the concert she wasn't smiling and the MIC was right in front of her mouth. You could tell she kept looking down on the stage trying to find it.

Then after the concert, people were on the stage with flashlights and it took her almost two hours to get to the meet and greet - I'm assuming her team was trying to figure something out.

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