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Pop Superstar RIHANNA’S Getting THICK . . . You Can See . . . She’s Starting To Get . . . CARIBBEAN CURVES To Her Body!! (PICS)

: Rihanna left her New York City apartment on Wednesday to head to the studio.
The singer and actor was wearing skinny jeans and a Buju Banton t-shirt paired with heels and a Dior handbag. Rih accessorizes with a gold necklace, hoop earrings, and yellow lens shades.
Rihanna has been playing up her curves in outfits that accentuate – or hide them. She was recently spotted out in an oversized men’s inspired suit that definitely covered up what she’s got going on.

Rihanna gaining weight and its sexy af. Check the pics.

By: Ace Million on: 5/25/2017
: Rapper 50 Cent just released the EXACT DOLLAR AMOUNT that he paid his baby’s mother Shaniqua in child support for their son Marquise. According to the rapper, he’s almost done paying – just three months to go.
Dang no wonder 50’s so upset … he paid that woman OVER A MILLION DOLLARS for one child. And she got the nerve to be UPSET WITH HIM???
Marquise Jackson is Fiddy’s 19-year-old son. The two have had less than an admirable relationship. 50 was a no-show at Marquise’s graduation. Marquise recently released a diss track about his father.

50 cent said he is about to graduate from paying child support. Over $1million dollars

By: Ace Million on: 5/25/2017
: Sophie Brussaux announced to the world that she was PREGNANT, likely with Drake’s baby a few weeks ago. Now her publicist Jonathan Hay just released a statement on the baby. Here’s what he told Perez Hilton:
In my opinion, it seems as though Drake’s first child will become October’s very own, as that’s the month his baby girl is expected.
Drake’s lucky number is 13 and the expected due date of his first born is October 13. I believe that based on the conception date, and what Sophie’s doctor has assured… this is without question Drake’s daughter on the way. Sophie is only wanting peace with Drake as they will be co-parenting for life.

Wanted who claims she pregnant by Drake. Actually is pregnant. The story continues.

By: Ace Million on: 5/25/2017
: In the midst of all the divorce drama between rapper T.I. and his estranged wife Tiny – the TWO started GOING at each other online.
T.I. started it, by retweeting a post by DL Hughley. But Tiny ENDED IT.
Tiny filed for divorce from T.I. back in December after dealing with YEARS of infidelity allegations. And the two are getting into it on their reality show on whether Tiny sought her revenge by getting it on with T.I.’s frenemy Floyd Mayweather.

Tiny and Ti back fighting online. TI might be the messy one?

By: Ace Million on: 5/25/2017
: Nicki Minaj’s new EXTRA LONG weave cost a reported $75,000 according to sources close to the PLATINUM SELLING ARTIST.
Why so much? Well because the hair is 100% real, and all from the SAME PERSON. We’re told, “The woman who ‘donated’ her hair had to grow it to that length TWICE so that she could have enough for a full head [weave].”
We’re told that the woman whose hair was used was NOT hired by Nicki – but by a popular hair company. They explained, “She had a special diet to make her hair grow thick and strong. It took six years to get all the hair necessary.”
Wow, that’s expensive.

Ladies is this real? Nicki Minaj new hair cost $75,000

By: Ace Million on: 5/25/2017
: Rapper BOW WOW attended the Atlanta viewing party for his new reality series Growing Up Hip Hop. And he brought his new GIRLFRIEND with him, who happens to be a blonde.

BowWow takes picture with new girlfriend only when he stands on the furniture. She's tall

By: Ace Million on: 5/25/2017

R&B Singer Brandy Has A HUGE MELTDOWN On Twitter . . . Starts CURSING OUT FANS . . . Who Call Her BABYS Father ‘GAY’!! (‘I’m The Real G Up In These Streets’)

: R&B singer Brandy flew into a RAGE on Twitter a few days ago – after fans started calling her new baby’s father Sir The Baptist “gay.” Brandy claimed that she’s a “G” and that the fan should “respect” her.
As you recall, we told you first that Brandy is pregnant with another child with her BF, rapper Sir The Baptist. The “I Wanna Be Down” singer and Broadway star is about four months along. Brandy already has a daughter, Sy’rai Iman Smith.

Brandy gets into an argument and let people know she is a Gangsta

By: Ace Million on: 5/25/2017
: Kourtney Kardashian, 38, and her new man Younes Bendjima, 23, haven’t been shy about showing their affection for one another. They were spotted frolicking on board a private yacht in Cannes on Tuesday.
Kourtney is the mother of three children with former lover Scott Disick. Younes is a former boxer and model and former BF of model Jourdan Dunn.

Here is Kourtney K new man.

By: Ace Million on: 5/25/2017
: The Dorchester, Massachusetts police are being asked to open up a criminal investigation into a 15-year-old girl – all because of her RECKLESS livestreaming.
This weekend, 15-year-old Jonasia Simpson took to Facebook to share the way in which she placed a Turtle inside a microwave and fried it to death. Jonasia placed the living turtle into the microwave – and then she turned it on – cooking the turtle for her amusement.
Well her video and images went viral and THOUSANDS of people have called up the Dorchester police asking to have the teenager prosecuted for animal cruelty.
In her interactions with the people of Facebook, Jonasia was defiant: “Y’all Mad over a f*cking turtle. Get over it.” When Jonasia’s mother Shanitha was made aware of the atrocity her daughter committed, she laughed it off and supported the actions of her daughter.
Police are not telling whether or not hey have opened an investigation into the 15 year old.

Girl Microwaved her pet turtle to death. Live on fbook

By: Ace Million on: 5/25/2017
Netflix has canceled The Get Down, a hip hop drama series set in the South Bronx during the 1970s. The six-part second half of the first season was released last month.
The show, which had a $120 million budget (Netflix's second most expensive series), had been bogged down in pre-production. Lengthy delays and personnel changes resulted in the decision to release the first season in two parts.
Article Image: Netflix Cancels "The Get Down" After One SeasonDirector Baz Luhrmann said he wouldn't have been able to commit to the second season full time, and that that played a key role in determining the decision to cancel the show. “This exclusivity has understandably become a sticking point for Netflix and Sony, who have been tremendous partners and supporters of the show. It kills me that I can’t split myself into two and make myself available to both productions… But the simple truth is, I make movies," he said in a Facebook post.
The Get Down followed a group of South Bronx teenagers witnessing the rise of disco and hip hop.

Netflix Cancels "The Get Down" After One Season

By: Ace Million on: 5/25/2017

The Tulsa police officer who gunned down Terence Crutcher as he retreated to his vehicle with his hands up in the air, will soon resume her work behind a badge.
Betty Jo Shelby was acquitted of manslaughter in the case last week, causing a nationwide outcry over the injustice. Shelby's defense team had successfully argued that she feared for her life when she fired on Crutcher. While there indeed does come a point, in dashcam and helicopter recordings, in which Crutcher appears to motion towards the window of his vehicle, it came moments after he began to calmly walked back to his car following a bizarre dispute that ensued over what was supposed to be a call about his vehicle stalling in the middle of the road.
Shelby argued that she thought Crutcher might have had a gun, while reports that later surfaced implied that he may have been high on PCP, and thus not following the officers' instructions coherently. Audio from Shelby's husband, who is also an officer and happened to be observing the incident as it unfolded, would cause a stir, as he is recorded characterizing Crutcher as a dangerous looking man. Crutcher was actually enrolled in college when he was killed.
Shelby would be charged with manslaughter on September 22, which was the point in which she was forced to take an unpaid leave. As part of her imminent return to the department, Shelby will reportedly receive $35,000 in back pay to cover the portion of her salary that had been frozen through trial.
Source: kfor.comArticle Image: Tulsa Cop Who Killed Terence Crutcher Will Return to Work with $35K Back Pay

Tulsa Cop Who Killed Terence Crutcher Will Return to Work with $35K Back Pay

By: Ace Million on: 5/25/2017
Followers of Russell and Twitter user @Beck_Jordan11 were whipped into a frenzy when in coming across a tweet the latter put out, they realized it had received a like from the NBA point guard himself. "Watching D'Angelo Russell highlights from this year makes me think there is no way in hell they should draft Lonzo. They stupid if they do," the post read, leading many to interpret that Russell agreed with the fan's sentiments.
The parallels between Russell and Ball don't go much further than the fact that they would both come to the Lakers via the second overall pick in the draft order. Many analysts believe Ball would be a better ball handler and court general and that Russell would be better off creating his own shot. But then there are those who believe, as expert David Aldridge does, that Russell's time with the organizati

D'Angelo Russell Likes Tweet Saying Lakers Shouldn't Take Lonzo Ball

on may be seeing its last days. “It would make all the basketball sense in the world to take Lonzo Ball,” Aldridge recently wrote. “While the Lakers haven’t given up on D’Angelo Russell, his NBA future looks more off the ball than on it, and Ball’s outstanding and willing passing eye is going to be hard to pass up.”

D'Angelo Russell Likes Tweet Saying Lakers Shouldn't Take Lonzo Ball

By: Ace Million on: 5/25/2017
Image result for lil uzi vertLil Uzi Vert Continues to Comment on Upside Down Cross Chain with 666 PostImage: Lil Uzi Vert Continues to Comment on Upside Down Cross Chain with 666 Post Image #2
Lil Uzi Vert seemingly responded to Offset saying that rappers shouldn't be wearing upside down cross chains, as he sees it as devil worshipping activity, with a video. Now, the "Do What I Want" rapper seems to be addressing the situation further with a new Instagram post.

On Wednesday (May 24), Uzi shared a photo of a smiley face with an upside down cross on its forehead, another upside down cross, and "666" scrolled on a fogged mirror. The post has since been deleted, but you can check out a screenshot up top.

Image: Lil Uzi Vert Continues to Comment on Upside Down Cross Chain with 666 Post Image #2Source: Instagram

Lil Uzi shows he worships the devil. Twitter explodes

By: Ace Million on: 5/25/2017

SHOCK NEW TREND!!! Men In Atlanta Are Not Only SAGGING THEIR PANTS . . . But They’re Now SAGGING . . . Their UNDERWEAR TOO!! (Should This Be LEGAL??)

: MediaTakeOut.com has caught wind of a new trend – that started out of Atlanta. Men are not only sagging their pants . . . they’re sagging their underwear too – exposing their bare butts.
It’s not clear WHERE this style began, but it’s reportedly catching on among teenagers in the hood.
What do YOU GUYS think of this – should it even be LEGAL for boys to have their BARE BUTTS out in public??

Viral Trend: Men In Atlanta Are Not Only SAGGING THEIR PANTS...But showing naked butts.

By: Ace Million on: 5/23/2017

GABBY ‘PRECIOUS’ Sidibe Is CONTINUING To Lose Weight . . . Now Her Face Is STARTING TO CHANGE . . . She’s Starting To Look REALLY PRETTY!! (PICS)

: Gabourey Sidibe has already lost more than 100 pounds. And all the weight loss is not affecting her face. Look how much PRETTIER she looks now:
Gabby, who’s starring on Empire, recently revealed that she underwent gastric surgery to help her lose the weight. She was concerned with diabetes what can be brought on by excessive weight.
Gabby has written a book, This I Just My Face, Try Not To stare, talking about her life and body positivity. She’s currently on a book tour.

GABBY ‘PRECIOUS’ Sidibe Is getting skinny.

By: Ace Million on: 5/23/2017

: A very sad story is coming out of Eastern Pennsylvania. A 69-year-old married man had a heart attack LIVE ON CAMERA. He was Livestreaming to an audience, on a popular LGBT website.
The man, who we’re just going to call Bill, began feeling chest pains during his Livestreamed FAP SESSION – and he fell unconscious. At about 9:45 minutes into the video his wife finds him dead in the chair.
Eventually, the paramedics try and save him, but it’s too late. Everything is caught on camera.
Here was Bill’s profile on the website:

Old man has heart attack masturbating on Fbook Live and dies.

By: Ace Million on: 5/23/2017


: If you’re not watching T.I. and Tiny’s The Family Hustle this season – START WATCHING NOW.
Here’s a clip from next week’s episode and it’s gonna be FLAMES. Listen to what happened when Tiny tried to confront T.I. on his infidelities. You can see that T.I. was trying to keep himself COMPOSED during the whole thing.

Rapper T.I. Finally CONFRONTS Tiny about cheating with Floyd Mayweather

By: Ace Million on: 5/23/2017
Knife with blood.

White University Of Maryland Student Stabs Black Visitor To Death

During his visit to the University of Maryland, 23-year-old Richard Collins III was stabbed to death by some crazed white student named Sean Christopher Urbanski.
USAToday reports that Collins was standing at a bus stop with his two homies when Urbanski walked up on him and said:
“Step left, step left, if you know what’s best for you.”
Collins essentially told his Anglo aggressor to “GTFOH” and was then stabbed in the chest. He died after being transported to the hospital.
Campus police have asked the FBI to step in when it was discovered that Urbanski was part of an Facebook hate group called “Alt-Reich: Nation” where members can freely post racists comments about African-Americans and other minorities.
F**k Sean Urbanski and everybody like him.
R.I.P. Richard Collins III. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
Image via Getty

White University Of Maryland Student Stabs Black Visitor To Death

By: Ace Million on: 5/22/2017
Getty Images

Cardi B Vents On IG Live After Nicki Minaj Seems To Sneak Diss Her

Aww, dang Cardi B.
Nicki Minaj seems to have touched Cardi B’s sore spot after she let off an “Off Set” subliminal in a recent verse for Katy Perry. Nicki and the Queen of Kale released “Swish Swish” over the weekend and on the song, Nicki brags about her “M’s” and drops Cardi B’s Migo’s boyfriend’s name in the record:
Pink Ferragamo sliders on deck.Silly rap beefs just get me more checks. My life is a movie, I’m never off set. Me and my amigos (no, not Offset).
She continues about getting someone “upset”.
Swish swish, aww I got them upset. But my shooters’ll make ’em dance like dubstep. Swish, swish, aww, my haters is obsessed. Cause I make M’s, they get much less…
We assume Nicki went ahead and dared Cardi B to say something by posting the lyrics in a caption on IG.

It looks like the shots fired we received. Cardi B went on IG live to vent about being disappointed in these “industry” people she used to look up too. She probably didn’t see it coming. In one part not in the clip, she says she misses people hating on her in the hood, because she could at least run up on them, BX style.
You know that mess isn’t happening if Nicki is really approached, she would have Cardi B black-balled, or try her hardest.
Here is a clip from her IG live rant, courtesy of Tea Tenders:


Cardi B hurt after Nicki Minaj dissed her on new song

By: Ace Million on: 5/22/2017
Getty Images

Botulism Bacteria Paralyzes Woman, Traces Back To Gas Station Nachos

At least ten people from the Sacramento area have been place in ICU over the last few weeks over a bad batch of gas station nachos, and one woman remains paralyzed.
CNN reports that botulism, a rare form of food poisoning, has left a mother paralyzed from the neck down, affecting others. They say the Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement last week that the cause of the illness “appears to be prepared food, particularly nacho cheese sauce” from a gas station in Walnut Grove.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, botulism occurs with bacteria releases toxins that can paralyze your body. Other symptoms can include blurred vision, drooping eyelids and slurred speech, among others.
Fox40 reports that a mom of 3, Lavinia Kelly, is still getting intensive care after she contracted the bacteria from the gas station.
Her sister says:
“My phone rings and I pick up the phone and it’s her, and she can’t articulate a word. And she’s saying, basically she’s saying ‘Sister, I need you here now…'”
Kelly is still fighting for her life but running out of money to received treatment her insurance is refusing to cover. Her family had to set up a GoFundMe on her behalf.
SMH, life comes at us fast. We will tread lightly on the gas station snacks until this clears up.

Woman paralyzed after eating nachos out of gas station

By: Ace Million on: 5/22/2017

Steve Harvey Is Being SUED By His EX-WIFE . . . And She’s Charging Him With KIDNAPPING . . . TORTURE . . . And MURDER!! (Woow . . . It’s Going DOWN)

: Steve Harvey is facing some SERIOUS allegations, in a new lawsuit being brought by his ex-wife Mary Harvey – Steve reportedly committed “kidnapping” “torture” and even “murder:.
Here is ow it is being reported:
Video Player
The blogger breaking the news is claiming also that the reason that Steve Harvey sent around that MEMO, is that he was trying to avoid being served this lawsuit.

Steve Harvey murdered someone? Ex-Wife suing him for it.

By: Ace Million on: 5/18/2017
: Last night, Amber Rose’s Twitter account started posting some CRAZY tweets. In particular, she suggested that she used to F*CK Jay Z – and that she was NOT SORRY about it either:
After Amber started feeling the WRATH of the BEEHIVE, she sent out a tweet saying that she was just “hacked.” But a few hours later she released this video, suggesting that she was NEVER really hacked:
Video Player

Amber Rose gets on twitter and @Beyonce about cheating with Jayz

By: Ace Million on: 5/18/2017
Article Image: Fans Wait on Floyd Mayweather as Conor McGregor Signs Fight Contract
UFC President Dana White announced that he and Conor McGregor have agreed to terms they look forward to presenting to Floyd Mayweather Jr., in hopes of officially signing a contract for the mega fight, on Wednesday, May 17. While there is no guarantee that Mayweather will accept their proposal, especially if it doesn't grant him a $100 million guarantee, the news signifies for the first time that the party to which McGregor is contractually obligated will support him at the table.

Getting White and the UFC to buy in to the event had been Mayweather and McGregor's biggest challenge. The two superstars have for made their interest in getting in the ring together clear for a year now, but whenever White came before reporters he maintained that he had not even been formally approached about the fight. Much of that had to do with Floyd's attempts at getting Conor to man up without the company, which proved to be more than he could chew, as promotion for a fight stretched for as long as it could, but began to fade without his having the ability to present the public with actual logistics on the event. Now team Mayweather and team McGregor can officially get down to business.

McGregor has issued a statement on the development, through TheMacLife.com, which reads: "It is an honour to sign this record-breaking deal alongside my partners Zuffa LLC, The Ultimate Fighting Championship and Paradigm Sports Management. The first and most important part of this historic contract has now officially been signed off on. Congratulations to all parties involved. We now await Al Haymon and his boxer's signature in the coming days."

Source: bleacherreport.com

McGregor has signed agreement to Fight Mayweather.

By: Ace Million on: 5/18/2017

: Kirk Frost’s daughter Kelsie just turned 22 years old this past weekend. And she celebrated it with a very INTERESTING photo shoot. Here are some pics from the shoot:
Video Player

Kirk's 22yr old daughter may be most beautiful girl in the world right now.

By: Ace Million on: 5/17/2017

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