Paraphraze: Sincerely Yours

The album starts with a low tempo instrumental. The beat patterns are extremely simplistic and lay far into the background. The music quality is crisp and the melody is emotionally strong. The snares and beats are enhanced with reverb that allows the melody and vibe to explode. Paraphraze vocals are vivid and mastered well on this record. His vocal tone is somber and perfect. Paraphraze lyrics embrace as he speaks about his struggles as a student, artist, and man. His lyrics are entertaining and flow pattern stays interesting throughout the record. His delivery is a faint mix of “stop and go” and traditional. The chorus is strong lyrically but lacks a melody. The heavy dubs allow you to enjoy the vocal change but that only grants a small boost to the record. The next song on the album “Tennessee Chainsaw Massacre” starts off with a controversial “Lil Yatchy” interview. To paraphrase it, Lil Yatchy spoke about how he doesn’t care about the bars and the origin of hip-hop. Paraphraze, immediately, after the skit takes a stand on mumble rap. Paraphraze goes on a lyrical tear and directly attacks. His lyrics and metaphors are direct, this is a diss record. Paraphraze's flow pattern is boom-pap, chunky and patterned around the NYC 90’s hip-hop. His feature “Mr.Krt” is a great addition to the record. He delivers a similar yet less structured flow pattern. Both artists had witty punchlines and thought-provoking lyrics to back up their claims. The record successfully manages to bring both Paraphraze's point to light and send a praise to the roots of hip-hop. The instrumental on the record was pulled straight from the 90’s. A bare-bone beat pattern that gave little to the listener. This beat would have shined in the 90’s if the artist approaching it had performed extremely aggressive. Paraphraze could have added some modernism into the record to cater to more listeners but decided to not go that route. The next record “Slow Ya Roll” production has an immediate familiarity. A 90’s based instrumentation provided with clean ticks and a average melody to front. The back instruments that fall behind the beats play an amazing part in painting the imagery. It garnishes this record and gives it such a beautiful feel. Paraphraze vocals are strong, and his rap structure gives you an immediate bounce. His flow pattern is similar to the records above but never dulls out through the record. His lyrics are vivid and vocal infliction is soothing to hear. His storytelling in this record isn’t as strong as you would have hoped as it follows similar but still relevant topics. Paraphraze really shines with his chorus on this record. The chorus comes in as the beat takes its height. Paraphraze vocals are thick but have little effects to support. The chorus is infectious and gives you a bounce throughout. This song paints the perfect picture and gives you that golden era hip-hop feels all over. A small bump in the road with a predictable story but manages to keep you interested throughout. Roll down to the next record “Daytons, Dubs, & 84” the instrumental is light with little drum patterns. A small melody sits in the background of the record as it creates little impact. His first verse is very vivid as his storytelling takes charge. His vocal pattern is mid-range tempo and never really delivers anything special. As the song progress, he switches his lyrics from one era of hip-hop to another which is impressive. The record never manages to grab this concept well. As the song progress, your interest also perish. The chorus failed to really grab a southern sound as he completely depended on his lyrics instead of melody or instrumentation. You would have expected some type of instrumental change or flow pattern to match, but nothing. This song failed to meet expectations as it continued to play on. Drop down to the next song “Swisha Sweet Dreams” the production on this record falls into the similar feel. The ticks and beat pattern very melodic with little to no change. The beat pattern feels average but, the production as a whole is complete. The beat is supported with a dusty mist, that gives it a smoker’s vibe. Everything falls in a place as Paraphraze lyrics are metaphorically about smoking. Paraphaze didn’t really add anything new to this overused concept. Paraphraze storytelling and lyrics are strong but similar to other concepts in hip-hop. The chorus never really manages to touch us in any special way. Just seemed to pass on by as nothing in the record manages to grab our attention. The song is not bad, but nothing stands out to make this exceptional. Skip down to the next record “She loves me not” the production on this record takes a somewhat different approach. The beat pattern follows the same tempo, but is accompanied with a faint sample. This helps to refresh the extremely similar production pattern. Paraphraze vocal infliction on this record is strong, you can hear his pain. His lyrics follow suit, the lyrics are strong and raw. His lyrics never drag behind and keep you entertain throughout. His flow pattern is tradition to what you may have come to know of Paraphraze. His metaphors are unique and sprinkled throughout the record. The chorus is mundane and never really elevates the song past the peak of the verse. The chorus follows the same bar like format with heavy dubs and slight re-verb. The next song “Not my problem” shows a different side of hip-hop. Paraphaze pens a record about how much people don’t really pay attention to others. His vocals are crisp and vivid as usual. You can hear every word and pronunciation from the artist. This song has such a high level of storytelling it's mesmerizing. I began to daydream on the first verse and started to picture his lyrics. Because the production is so melodic and his vocals are silky smooth, this allows you to pay close attention to the lyrics. Paraphraze delivered on the topic perfectly and created a unique realm to speak about. The chorus similar to his others fit perfectly in this format. Not my problem showed that Paraphraze has no problems with storytelling and delivering his imagination on a gold platter. “Leave me Be” plays into the social aspect of Paraphraze. The lyrics are strong and give off an amazing vibe. The chorus is bare but works into the aspect of the record. The production is very simplistic but has charm. Although the song lyrical impact is strong the record itself never manages to capture us particularly. The next song on the album “Dayz Like This” has finally completely changed the production format. This is the first instrumental on the album that felt completely different from the previous. The beat pattern is refreshing and bouncy. The melody sits in the middle of the record. A synthy gothic sounding violin traps you into into the song. Paraphraze vocals are clean and sit into the perfect pocket of the beat. Paraphraze switches his style to support the instrumental, he kicks around the tempo and dirties up his flow pattern. This is such a refreshing change, and shows you a new side of Paraphraze. His feature “Nubia Emmon” comes in strong as she delivers the chorus. Her vocals mixing wise seemed slightly high, but it could have been a design choice. Her voice is unique and impressive, she harmonizes and gives a strong performance. The chorus has a bounce and repetitive melody structure that plays out well. His second feature “Rob Nollan” shines the strongest on the record. His flow pattern in highly entertaining and vocals are very unique. He manages to elevate an already great song. His lyrics are fun and witty, and keeps our attention throughout the full performance. An amazing choice of artist to accompany a great record. Drop down to last record “Resignation Letter” the beat immediately re-introduces you to the 90’s feel. The production had small melody support but lack overall.  The flow pattern goes back to his original format and allows you to just directly focus on the lyrics. Even, though Paraphraze flow pattern is standard he never really loses his charm throughout the record. His topic is the job force in America and his personal struggles. Although, the topic was unique it didn’t make a strong enough impact to be the last record on the album. The previous song to this record {Wake Em’ Up} was significantly stronger and gave us a better closer than this one.  The chorus was aggressive and very raw. His chorus followed the same flow pattern format and gave little to remember. To be his resignation we would have hoped Paraphraze would have made a bigger scene. This album was chalked with lyrics and thought-provoking content. Paraphraze is an amazing writer that has an applaud-worthy performance on almost every record. The storytelling was vivid and gave us a sense of 90’s hip-hop. Paraphraze never lost us in the midst of reminiscing as he managed to keep us entertained. Paraphraze undeniably relied on this format throughout the majority of the album. The beginning of the album was strongest as the production choice started to drain the appeal as we went on. So much of the production sounded similar that it hurt the album more than anything. Familiar beat patterns, low melodies and catering to his tradition rap format, Paraphraze took a very small risk on this album. But, when Paraphraze did change up his routine flow and production pattern it was amazing. His Features were amazingly chosen and revitalized the project. His approach to giving us his personality was great but we needed a little more persona to match. The album was entitled sincerely yours but it seem this album was more for himself than his audience. This album isn’t one we will return to sender, we just hope the next one is written with us in mind.  

Paraprhaze -Sincerely Yours



Paraphraze - Resignation Letter (Official Video)

Man Chops Off BOTH His Wife’ Hands . . . Because He ‘CAUGHT HER CHEATING On The COMPUTER’!!! (Graphic)


: A shocking crime is going viral – it involves a jealous husband, a large knife . . . and now a wife with NO HANDS.
According to local reports, Dmitry Grachyov, 26, attached his wife and “cut off both his wife’s hands.” Dmitry believed that with Margarita was cheating.
Margarita needed a “highly complex” nine-hour operation to reconnect one hand after the attack by her husband. But the other hand was not as lucky. You see, her right hand and arm were “too damaged” in the gruesome attack to be saved, say doctors.
The couple has been married five years and have two children, sons aged three and four.
Before attacking her, Dmitry demanded she be tested on a lie detector. She agreed but he mutilated her anyway, said police.
Friends saw the couple as “close and loving.”
A colleague of Margarita, who worked in marketing and was organizing a beauty contest in Moscow region, said: “She’s really open. But she didn’t tell me anything was wrong.”

According To The STREETS . . . Offset Got A ‘SPECIAL FEMALE FRIEND’ . . . And Cardi Better Watch Out . . .

According To The STREETS . . . Offset Got A ‘SPECIAL FEMALE FRIEND’ . . . And Cardi Better Watch Out . . . Cause This Girl’s PRETTIER THAN HER!!!!


: We here at hate to start RUMORS . . . but the word on the street is that Cardi B’s man Offset has a special “friendship” with a popular Atlanta dancer named Kiyomi.
The two met on a video set a few months back, and they’ve been DM’ing and hanging out since.
We’re told that the two spend EXTRA CLOSE TIME when Cardi’s in New York visiting her family.
It could be nothing, but . . .

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IGGY AZALEA Got More Booty Injections . . . Look At Her CRAZY . . . Waist To Hip RATIO!!!

It Appears That Rapper IGGY AZALEA Got More Booty Injections . . . Look At Her CRAZY . . . Waist To Hip RATIO!!!

: Word on the curb is that Iggy got a fresh BOOTY RE-UP last week. She posted some new pics on her instagram, but we’re being told that next time we see her – our mouths are gonna drop.
Her new body, tells our snitch is “absolutely ridiculous.”

Y’all Wanna Feel OLD . . . Check Out These Little Girl Child Stars . . . Now That They’re All Grown Up!!

: We’ve seen a lot of kids stars grow up . . . check out these lovely young ladies.
Parker Mckenna Posey – My Wife And Kids

Imani Hakim Everybody Hates Chris
China McClain House of Payne
Vanessa Baden Keenan And Kel
Dee Dee Davis Bernie Mac Show
CeCe Nicole Proud The Proud Family

Omarosa Was Just FIRED By Donald Trump . . . They Had To Have Security . . . PUT HER OUT OF THE BUILDING!!!

Omarosa Was Just FIRED By Donald Trump . . . They Had To Have Security . . . PUT HER OUT OF THE BUILDING!!!

Omarosa_Putout1 just learned that Omarosa was FIRED from the White House. And according to reports – they didn’t just FIRE her  . . .  security PUT HER OUT.
Top journalist April Ryan – who is a White House correspondent –  claims that Trump fired her for acting OUT. And they called security on her MANGY azz.
We can’t wait to see how this plays out . . . cause Omarosa’s got a MOUTH on her.
Omarosa joined the administration as director of communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison. But she out now.

Keaton Jones FATHER A TATTOO’D Up . . . White Supremacist NAZI

Keaton Jones FATHER A TATTOO’D Up . . . White Supremacist NAZI . . . Whose Been In And Out Of PRISON!!! (Pics Of His NAZI Father)


: Know Keaton Jones? The boy whose mother put him online, talking about bullying?
Social media pages belonging to Keaton Jones’ father show that he’s a WHITE SUPREMACIST NAZI – at least in 2014 when he last posted. He hasn’t posted online more recently because he’s locked up in a Tennessee jail.
The father’s name is Shawn White and his Facebook features multiple memes with sayings like, “HOLY F*** I LOVE BEING WHITE,” “Keep Calm and be White Pride” and “Aryan Pride.”
According to TMZ – and the below pics – he has a bunch of NAZI tattoos:
Shawn [is pictured] shirtless with “PURE BREED” tatted on his chest … and “WHITE PRIDE” on his stomach.
He also has neck ink that reads, “CWB” — a common abbreviation for a gang called Crazy White Boy.
You’ll recall that Keaton’s mother claims that she’s NOT racist. And that the Confederate flags she posted online- were just “ironic.”

T.I. Says we should still support Keaton Jones

Image result for ti
One day after the mother of Keaton Jones was exposed as a racist bigot who has bullied people in her own right, Keaton supporter T.I. returned to social media to say he stands in solidarity with the 11-year-old, and trusts that how the situation backfired on his mother will eventually serve as a learning experience for him.
"Ok... So it seems as though we were somewhat misled by what we saw yesterday in regards to Keaton. Now while I still stand by initial standpoint wholeheartedly, I also believe in the laws of karma & reciprocity," Tip wrote on Instagram on Monday, December 11. "But I STILL support Lil dude... even IF he's truly being given a taste of his own meds because when it's all said & done... while his family is spewing hatred around him... he himself will be able to speak from experience how much LOVE was shown to him on the gram by the very ones he's been taught to DISPISE!!!"
T.I. was among a whole host of celebrities, many of them Black, who sent young Keaton their thoughts after watching him recount the torment he has faced at school. Snoop Dogg, Cardi B, Millie Bobby Brown, and NFL star Delanie Walker were some of the others who Kimberly Jones would thank publicly for reaching out to her son.
But the tide began to shift, and stars went distancing themselves as the weekend wound down, and word got around about photos of the family waving a confederate flag, and tirades she's posted to chastise people who've spoken out about their own hardship and oppression.
By Monday, more developments began to surface, including news that a GoFundMe page had been set up in Keaton's name and that MMA artist Joe Schilling had personally reached out, only to come away suspecting that the entire situation was a money grab. As a result, the GoFundMe page was canceled with $57,171 raised in one day.

Remember 2000s R&B Singer Ameriie . . . The One They Thought Would Be The NEXT BEYONCE . . . Well Look At her NOW!!

: R&B singer Ameriie has some STRONG anti-aging genes in her. She’s half ASIAN and half BLACK – both races of women are prone to aging well.
And Ameriie is now 37 years old. Look at her.

Girl almost dies twerking for 24hours straight. Broke GUINNESS BOOK

Interracial Couple Goes VIRAL . . . After The TEEN GIRL’S Father . . . Buys Her Boyfriend A BRAND NEW CAR!!!!

Interracial Couple Goes VIRAL . . . After The TEEN GIRL’S Father . . . Buys Her Boyfriend A BRAND NEW CAR!!!!


: A boy was gifted a brand new car by her girlfriend’s family for treating her and the family with respect and being awesome.
The girlfriend, Madison took to Twitter to share photos and videos from the precious moment.
“My family got my boyfriend a car!!😊💕 I love you @chrishunter07” She wrote on Twitter

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Mom And Two Daughters PIC Goes VIRAL . . . Can You Tell . . . Which One Is The MOTHER IN THE PIC????

: A mother and her two daughters pic is going VIRAL – because people can’t figure out which one the mother is.
We’re going to let you guess. But here are some details – the mom in the pic is 50 years old – and has been married for the past 29 years.

Latoya Luckett married!!! Here is the pictures.

: It happened!! Singer Letoya Luckett and her longtime boyfriend Tommicus Walker jumped the broom this weekend.
The lovely LeToya wore a custom dress that she designed. And the wedding was A MOVIE!!

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  • essenceIt’s official, y’all! @letoyaluckett is now a happily married woman. LeToya + Tommicus, the women of ESSENCE wish you two a lifetime of wedded bliss. Hit the  in our bio for all of the wedding magic. #shedidthat ( @sterlingbrides )

Mario Batali Is Accused Of SEXUAL HARASSMENT By 4 Women

: Today the website NY Eater posted a story about celebrity chef Mario Batali. According to the article, Mario stepped down after being confronted with allegations of sexual harassment.
There were four women that claim that Mario harassed them. These are their stories:
Woman #1: A female chef that met him at a wine auction in New Orleans:
[Mario had] been drinking and he became what she characterized as “creepy” — “just giving me this provocative, icky feeling.”
Minutes into their conversation, she recalls, he told her, “Come work for me, I’ll pay you double what you’re making.” Moments later, someone bumped her glass, spilling wine all over her chest and down her scooped-neck shirt. She alleges that Batali began rubbing her breasts with his bare hands while saying something like, “Let me help you with that,” as he groped her chest. “He just went to town, and I was so shocked,” the chef says. “Jaw on the ground, I just stepped back from him in utter disgust and walked away.”
Woman #2: A server at Mario’s restaurant PO in the 1990s:
The former server alleges that on multiple occasions Batali grabbed her from behind “like a linebacker, like a disgusting bear hug,” and pressed her body against his. In hours of interviews with Eater, she described nearly two years of inappropriate behavior. The grabbing would often occur while they were alone in a cramped passageway between the dining room and the kitchen, she alleged. “He would breathe on me — and sometimes take a deep inhale, like he was smelling me,” she recalled.
Woman #3: A woman who worked with Mario in the 1990s:
One day, while she was in the dining room of the restaurant, she said, Batali came up behind her, catching her unaware, and “put his hand on half of my butt and he squeezed it.” She recalled later gently confronting Batali, who responded, “What are you, a lesbian?”
In a second incident that took place about three years later, she alleges that while working next to Batali in a small, boxed-in space, he was seated in such a way that he blocked her exit. When she had to get up, he refused to move — leaving her no choice but to straddle him in order to leave the space.
Woman #4: A woman who worked for Mario in 2011:
At the party, she recalled that Batali appeared drunk, and she became concerned for his safety when she spotted him on a balcony standing slumped over. “When I noticed that he looked wobbly, my instinct was concern,” she said. When she walked over and tapped him on the shoulder, “he sprung up, like he was startled,” and with his eyes wide open. Then, immediately, “he lifted his arms straight up and grabbed both of my breasts,” she said. “I took a step back and I pushed him away, and when I did that, I remember he said, ‘Oh, come on.’”