R.I.P: Rapper Shawty Lo Dies In Overnight Car Wreck! He lost control of car, not a hit and run.

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Well The Game and Meek Mill beef has ended. Video to why. You may appreciate the reason

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Meek Mill On Terence Crutcher Killing: I NEVER BELIEVED IN AMERICA

Meek Mill became one of the first celebrities to speak out against the police involved shooting death of Terence Crutcher, when he shared a lengthy condemnation of the U.S. justice system on Instagram, on Tuesday, September 20.


After making reference to the live capture of the terror suspect, Ahmad Khan Rahami, Meek touched on a multitude of dichotomies that he suggested have tainted his perception of the nation. He questioned the moral grounds of the IRS, Black citizens being on the receiving end of unfair bail costs and excessive prison sentences for non-violent offenders, and the integrity of the voting system. "THEY JUST TOOK MY FRIEND FREEDOM FOR SMOKING WEED ON PROBATION....... AND THIS COP THAT KILLED THIS MAN/FATHER GOING HOME TO BED TONIGHT?????," he wrote.Meek Mill On Terence Crutcher Killing: "I NEVER BELIEVED IN AMERICA"

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Inmate Dies Begging for Water in Prison ran by Trump Supporter Sheriff Clarke

A municipal medical examiner declared the death of a prisoner at The Milwaukee County Jail a homicide by "profound dehydration" last week, leading to questions as to how inmates might be getting treated at the facility. News of the disclosure is garnering significant attention due to recognition of anti-Black Lives Matter Sheriff David Clarke as the party who provides oversight for the jail.

Nine days after his arrest in connection with a shooting, 38-year-old Terrill Thomas was found dead in his cell, on April 24. According to his fellow inmates, Thomas had been heard begging for something to drink for at least six days; over the duration of which, the water in his cell had been shut off, investigators confirm. Attorney Erik J. Heipt, who has been representing Thomas' family, said that there had been others from Milwaukee County Jail who've contacted him to complain that their water too has been cut off. Albeit death by dehydration is something that rarely occurs in prison, there, in fact, was an incident in 2011 in which a prisoner, Antonio Cowser, died after his cell stopped running water.

“They may well have had reason to turn off the water. There absolutely could be reasons why you’d want to turn off someone’s water in their cell. But to then not give them drinking water? That’s crazy,” Heipt said. “To make a human being die of thirst, where they have no ability to get their own water for survival, that’s pretty inhumane. It doesn’t get much worse than that.”Article Image: Inmate Dies Begging for Water in Prison ran by Trump Supporter Sheriff Clarke

Jacquees Under Fire For Dissing Jacksonville's Weed

Cash Money’s Jacquees recently dissed Jacksonville’s weed and the town’s citizens just aren’t having it.

The Birdman protege took to Facebook last week to give his opinion on the town’s product. “I love Jacksonville y’all weed just suck ass chill out get better weed all love f**k wrong wit y’all,” he wrote. The fans really let him have it after that. “The city don’t love you n***a. Dats why they shifted on yo pack,” wrote Ju Ju Da Mac. Some took things a little bit harder. “You got life all the way F**KED UP.. N***a I smoke better then you, YOUNG ASS N***A! Know yo place!!! You got finessed. All I smoke is GAS!!! I got a bag of OG on me right nah lil Wayne LOOKIN ASS N***A!,” wrote Dreams HowFly.

After a lot of bashing, Jacquees tried to make some peace. “Everybody hitting my phone. Jacksonville it’s LOVE, next time just bring dat pack YAdigggg!!! #4275 OTW get over it I love y’all,” he wrote. For some, that apology just wasn’t enough. “Bruh You F**ked up! We Don’t Rock like that Here you Disrespected the Whole City! Its one thing if you Would’ve Single the Nigga out but We Took that Sh*t as a Whole and You done F**ked up! Gator Mouth Ass Lil Boy,” wrote Tony Kennedy.

Jacquees Under Fire For Dissing Jacksonville's Weed
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Family Angered at Texas Funeral Director for Selfies w/ Caskets and Hearses

Image: Family Angered at Texas Funeral Director for Selfies w/ Caskets and Hearses Image #3Texas funeral director David L. Jones is being accused of taking selfies with caskets, and one family is outraged after catching him in the act.
Rose Molina told Houston TV station KTRK that her family was burying her 32-year old cousin when Jones committed the "disrespectful" action.  Molina alleged she saw Jones take a selfie with the hearse in the background after her cousin's body was placed in there.
"You could see that he had it kind of angled, you know, you have it positioned in a certain way to catch the background," said Molina.  When she confronted Jones about the alleged selfie, he told her he was just fixing his tie. Appalled and not convinced with his explanation, Molina went to Jones' Facebook page where she found numerous images of Jones with hearses and caskets behind him.
Leal Funeral Home owner, Joaquin Leal, says Jones is an independent contractor and was working at his establishment in Jacinto City when the incident allegedly happened.  In a phone conversation with Leal, he told KTRK that Jones' behavior is unacceptable.  Leal also said he called the Molina family to apologize for the incident.
"We were mourning the loss of my cousin, to be a very family event, private event, it's tainted. He disrespected this day in my family's life," said Molina.
According to KTRK, Jones is a licensed funeral director in the state of Texas and has had no complaints against him so far, but Molina plans to file an official complaint.  The Texas Funeral Services Commission, which oversees funeral directors, says it could be a violation of conduct, and Jones could receive a warning or a fine of up to $5,000.
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50cent and others responds to ShawtyLo death

Image: Future, Lil Yachty, and 50 Cent React to Shawty Lo's Death Image #7The passing of rapper Shawty Lo is taking a toll on the hip-hop community. Many rappers have taken to social media to display their condolences for the rapper and his family.

Shawty Lo was killed in a car accident early this morning. Shawty's car was hit by another vehicle on I-285 at Cascade Rd, hit two trees and then caught on fire. During the accident, Lo was ejected from the car and later died. Check out the gallery above to see several members of the hip-hop community pay tribute.

R.I.P Shawty Lo.Future, Lil Yachty, and 50 Cent React to Shawty Lo's DeathImage: Future, Lil Yachty, and 50 Cent React to Shawty Lo's Death Image #5Image: Future, Lil Yachty, and 50 Cent React to Shawty Lo's Death Image #3

Rams Players Join Dolphins, Titans, and More 49ers in NFL Protests

Demonstrations against the oppression of poor communities of color, by policies and people in law enforcement, continued throughout the NFL on Sunday [September 18]. AsColin Kaepernick brought his protest of the pre-game National Anthem into its fourth week, some of those who've joined him in solidarity, including teammate Eric Reid and Denver linebacker Brandon Marshall, kept their stance through week 2 of the regular season. As the weekend's games kicked off, several others are noted to have added their voices to the growing movement, drawing support from some and the disapproval of others, as celebrities, political leaders, and media pundits carry a national discourse on race, forward.
The Seattle Seahawks once again linked arms during the ceremony that took place before their game in Los Angeles, only this time, the players were joined by coach Pete Carroll. Across the field stood the members of the Los Angeles Rams team, who each stood and pledged, with the exception of defensive end Robert Quinn, who raised his fist as Cee Lo Green sang the anthem. Meanwhile, three of the four Miami Dolphins who protested last week did so again before their game against the New England Patriots, with players Arian Foster, Kenny Stills, and Michael Thomas taking to their knee. Tennessee Titans cornerback Jason McCourty and defensive tackle Jurrell Casey raised their fists in Detroit, but perhaps the biggest story to come out of Sunday's demonstrations, was the increasing show of solidarity with Kaepernick from within the San Francisco locker room. He and Reid were joined by Antoine Bethea, Jaquiski Tartt, Eli Harold, and Rashard Robinson, bringing the number of 49ers actively protesting, to six.
The movement looks to continue into the final game of the regular season's week 2, with safety Malcolm Jenkins having announced that the Philadelphia Eagles are planning a team-wide gesture during Monday Night Football.

Lil Wayne Upset that Tyga Was Let Go From Young Money/Cash Money

Lil Wayne was not happy that Birdman allowed Tyga to leave Young Money/Cash Money Records.
Wayne claims the decision to allow Tyga out of his contract should not have been made without his permission. Tyga started out as Wayne’s artist and was signed to Young Money for many years where he released his biggest hit to date “Rack City” with the label. Lil Wayne is a 49 percent owner of Young Money. Despite Birdman owning the majority of stake in the company, Weezy feels that his signature was needed to seal the deal of allowing Tyga off the label legally.
Tyga recently signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music imprint. The deal was announced after the Yeezy Season 4 fashion show earlier this month. The new alliance makes sense since the two are practically brother-in-laws. The Migos were also thought to have signed to the label, but it was later clarified that they were only getting a management deal with G.O.O.D. Music. The label currently houses artists like Desiigner, Teyana Taylor, and its president Pusha T.
Source: allhiphop.comArticle Image: Lil Wayne Upset that Tyga Was Let Go From Young Money/Cash Money

Kodak Black Sentenced to 120 Days in Prison, Drivers License Suspended

Kodak Black pleaded no contest to a pair of misdemeanor drug charges, and was ordered to spend 120 days behind bars on Monday, September 19.
The four-month sentence was handed down in a Fort Pierce, Florida courtroom, by a judge who relieved Kodak of half of his projected jail time by crediting him with time served. The 19-year-old Pompano Beach rapper was facing a charge of use/or possession of drug paraphernalia, and a charge of possession of 20 grams or less of cannabis, stemming from a bust during a December 2015 traffic stop in St. Lucie County.
In addition to jail time, Kodak was ordered to pay court fees and his license has been suspended for a year. His expected release date has been scheduled for November 30.
Article Image: Kodak Black Sentenced to 120 Days in Prison, Drivers License SuspendedSource: xxlmag.com

Naked Man Breaks Into Home To Bite Residents Then Dies

Naked Man Breaks Into Home To Bite Residents Then Dies

Naked Man Breaks Into Home To Bite Residents Then Dies

A Florida man has died after breaking into a home to bite resident reports Orlano Sen

An Ocala man died Saturday after allegedly breaking into a home while he was naked and biting a woman.

James Raines, 40, is accused of breaking into a home in the 2900 block of Northeast 45th St. in Ocala while nude about 4:26 a.m., according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. He then allegedly attacked two women and a man inside the home.

“[The victims] stated that Raines was out of control,” the MCSO wrote in a news release. “They also believed Raines was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.”
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Justin Bieber And Sofia Richie Breakup After 6 Weeks Of Dating

Justin Bieber And Sofia Richie Breakup After 6 Weeks Of Dating

Remember when Justin Bieber threatened to make his IG page private over Sofia Richie because they were so in love? Well, it’s over just after 6 weeks of dating reports TMZ:
Sources connected to them tell us Justin and Sofia were never all that serious to begin with — despite vacationing together in Mexico for her 18th birthday. They haven’t been seen together in public since then, and we’re told they haven’t been talking much lately.
Neither seems too busted up about the breakup. Sofia was out Sunday night at The Nice Guy, and also at a treats! Magazine party over the weekend … enjoying herself with friends. We’re told Justin is single and ready to date other girls.
In other words — exactly what you’d expect from an 18-year-old and a 22-year-old.

Tulsa Cops Kill Unarmed Pastor Who Was Holding His Hands In The Air

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Tulsa Cops Kill Unarmed Pastor Who Was Holding His Hands In The Air

Via DailyMail

Tulsa police have released devastating dashboard camera footage of the fatal shooting of a local pastor Friday night, showing he was unarmed and had his hands in the air at the time of his death.
Terence Crutcher was first tasered by Tulsa officer Tyler Turnbough and then shot once by officer Betty Shelby before he died in the hospital on Friday, police spokesperson Jeanne MacKenzie said.
Police said that Crutcher approached the officers after his SUV broke down on the road, but refused commands to raise his hands and reached inside the vehicle.
However the footage, which was released Monday, shows Crutcher did have his hands up as police approached. It shows four officers surrounding Crutcher by his car when one of them – identified as Shelby – shot him.

Rapper THE GAME Just Went BONKERS On Former Roc Nation Rapper BEANIE SIEGEL . .

beanie_crackSeptember 19, 2016: Rapper The Game just took his beef with Meek Mill and Philadelphia a step over the line. Meek just released a diss track against Game, and asked his friend and BIG HOMIE Beanie to be on the track.
Look what Game said about Beanie on Instagram:

#MeekyMouse after I whoop his rat ass & how much crack you had to give that smoker weenie sigel to escape from rehab…. That nigga look bad homie…

Stop posting pictures of that sick nigga, he need a bath, some warm food & a hug… Give me the fat sigel back & take that saggy titty, sucked up sherm head back to #SelfHelpMovement Rehab Center Of Philadelphia…. The address is 2600 South Hampton Road Philadelphia, PA 19116…..

Take that nigga back now so he can get better… He ain’t in his right state of mind…. #

PrayForSigel #ShitReallyHurtMeToSeeYouLikeThat #NiggasSupposedToThrowUpTheROCNotSmokeIt #GetWellSoon

& as for you Meesha, soon as I get to a studio, you & Eddie Kane both bodied !!!!!!! You can run & go dig up anybody you want…. You still gettin yo ass whooped & I don’t wanna hear that I don’t fight shit….. See you soon “L” Debarge

#NickiWriteYaVerses #AndYouMakinRapGroupsWitCrackHeads #GTFOH nigga….. #WESTSIDE

Khloe Kardashian Filmed Kissing New NBA PLAYER

Khloe Kardashian and her new man Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson were caught kissing in a club last night while Juvenile’s ‘Back That Ass Up’ was playing.
She can be seen very clearly in the video smooching with her new boo. This is the second time in one week that they were caught kissing as they were also seen going at it at the Drake concert on Monday. During the show, they held each other and slowly kissed. Khloe hasn’t come out publicly about her new relationship. However, an insider told US Weekly that they are officially “seeing each other.” They also indicated that the reality star wants to take things slow and is hesitant to call him her boyfriend. “She’s trying to let go and have fun,” they said.
They even took a trip down to Cabo San Lucas earlier this month. She recently broke things off with James Harden who she claims cheated during their 7-month relationship. Khloe and Tristan met each other through a mutual friend and actress Malika Haqq.
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Alicia Keys Sings Female Version of Desiigner's Timmy Turner (Tina Turner)

Alicia Keys remade Desiigner’s ‘Timmy Turner’ with a female twist and played it for her fans on Instagram.
The songstress changed the name of the record to ‘Tina Turner’ and plays the beat out of her piano. She basically gives the song the classic Alicia Keys treatment and sings the lyrics more clearly than the original version. The song doesn’t have anything to do with the actual Tina Turner, and it seems  to be a play on Desiigner’s original title. She even harmonizes a bit at the end to add her special touch. She released the video with the caption “Havin’ some fun.” This is definitely going to help Desiigner’s record get more recognition.
The song has received several remixes thus far with Kanye West dropping of verse on his own version. DJ Premier even took a swing at spicing up the record which originally started as a Freshmen Freestyle for XXL. Kanye debuted his version at Travis Scott’s .Wav party.
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Lupita Nyong'o Responds to Agent Who Said She'd Be Typecast for Being Black

The world has seen "12 Years a Slave" breakout star Lupita Nyong'o's talent make a run in such flicks as "Queen of Katwe," "Black Panther," "Americanah," and blockbuster hit "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." She's even made her presence felt on Broadway, where her show "Eclipsed," which garnered 6 Tony Award nominations in 2016. But there was a time when the 33-year-old Mexico-born Kenyan actress faced doubt within the industry, as to whether her prowess as a thespian could transcend the roles people of her skin color are typically relegated to in Hollywood. In an exclusive being published in the publication's October edition, the Vogue cover-girl quieted those voices, in hindsight of her success.
Article Image: Lupita Nyong'o Responds to Agent Who Said She'd Be Typecast for Being Black
"I cannot run away from who I am and my complexion or the larger society, and how they may view that," she told Vogue. At one point in the interview, she exposed one industry insider who predicted she'd be typecast, making reference to remarks once made by talent agent Tracy Christian, saying, "I have to deafen my ears to that Christian lady." In a 2014 Hollywood Reporter story in which she questioned whether Beyonce would be as big as she is were she not a light-skinned woman, Christian projected that it is unlikely for someone like Nyong'o to be embraced beyond a niche audience, because of how dark she is. “She is looking at me as part of the cultural tapestry,” Nyong’o said, before explaining how she'd be holding herself back by succumbing to such line of thinking. “I am living and breathing. That person is not considering what I had for breakfast, how that is sitting in my stomach, and why I didn’t do well with that audition. I can’t think like that.”
Lupita went on to share how her experience growing up in the skin of otherness, was indeed one she had to confront, with European standards of beauty being imposed upon her by the media and peers, all her life. She identified Sudanese model Alek Wek as someone who opened the door for her to come along after, and would note how proud she is to have been confided in some of her contemporaries who look up to her the same. "I’ve never had so many people call me beautiful until you showed up. I get called to auditions I never would have been called to before. And I know it’s because you exist.”
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Jenkins Says Philadelphia Eagles Will Protest on Monday Night Football

2015 NFL Pro Bowl safety Malcolm Jenkins put word put that he, along with teammates on the Philadelphia Eagles, will join those around the league who've taken a stance in protest of the oppression of Black communities in the U.S.A., on Friday, September 15.
Article Image: Jenkins Says Philadelphia Eagles Will Protest on Monday Night FootballJenkins confirmed that while he doesn't imagine anyone of the Eagles looking to partake in a gesture of solidarity with the protest, will kneel, it is likely that a good many of them will stage some kind of open dissent. According to the veteran defenseman, players on the Eagles roster had intentions to demonstrate prior to the start of the season, but had postponed plans to take a stand out of respect for the families of the September 11, 2001 attacks, who mourned the date's 15th anniversary on Sunday. Jenkins said that the team is still in discussion about what and how they want to execute, with possibility that the whole team exercise it's right to free speech still on the table.
"For me, it has nothing to do with this country or the flag or the anthem in itself. Really it's just to continue to push forward the conversation about social injustice, and that's a range of things from police brutality to wages and job opportunities, education. There's just a lot of things systematically that have been set up in this country since its inception that put minorities, especially African Americans, at a disadvantage when you talk about quality of life and actually growing in this country," Jenkins said, about his plans to move forward with the action. "So we want to continue to keep that conversation going and push it to as many people as we can obviously while doing our part in bringing forth change. Obviously this has been a hot topic, and the more players that join in, the further this conversation goes."

Man Who Shot at Zimmerman During Road Rage Guilty of Attempted Murder

Article Image: Man Who Shot at Zimmerman During Road Rage Guilty of Attempted MurderThe Florida man who was arrested for shooting at George Zimmerman in 2015 was convicted of attempted second-degree murder on Friday, September 16. After four hours of deliberation, a jury sided against the claim made by Matthew Apperson, 37, that he fired in self-defense in the alleged road rage incident. His sentencing has been scheduled for October 17.
On May 11, 2015, Apperson and Zimmerman crossed paths on a road in Lake Mary, Florida. According to Zimmerman, he had been followed by Apperson, who was allegedly honking his horn and flashing his lights frantically, before pulling up beside him and letting a shot off through his window. The bullet missed, but Zimmerman was cut by glass in the incident. Apperson had claimed that his actions were in response to his counterpart flashing a gun, saying that he felt his life was threatened and alleging that it wasn't the first time he had been confronted by Zimmerman with violence. According to Apperson, he and Zimmerman had been involved in a road rage encounter in September of 2014 as well.
Since his acquittal of charges related to the tragic shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012, Zimmerman, 32, has been in and out of trouble with the law, and the target of several altercations. As recently as August his name surfaced in headlines when a 911 phone call that leaked to the media exposed the public to an incident in which he was punched in the face, for allegedly bragging about the murder of Martin, in a Sanford restaurant.

Straight out of Compton 2 on LifeTime. Well Kinda

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With the release of hit movie Straight Outta Compton last year the group NWA has been spotlighted for all the positive roles they played in hip-hop. Lifetime Movie Network just released a trailer for a new biopic film about singer and  NWA affiliate Michel'le called, "Surviving Compton" which tells the story of how the singer/songwriter had relationship problems with Dr.Dre who she has a son with and owner of Death Row Records Suge Knight.
Michel'le did an interview with VladTV where she talks about some of the issues she dealt with in regards to Dr. Dre and why she wasn't in the NWA biopic film.
Check out the trailer for the new movie above.
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Brandy vs Monica Again

Brandy Responds To Monica Again

Remember when we told you that Monica brushed off Brandy’s refusal to do the popular “#SoGoneChallenge” and dubbed their long simmering beef a “test from God”???
To which Brandy responded; “I know the REAL story.”
Well Brandy’s not finished not so subliminally shading Monica and she recently went to Snapchat to post another petty response.
“I have to stay so positive I can say what I really feel, because I have to be so positive!” said BraNu seemingly mocking Monica. “I just felt so attacked,” she added.
“I’ve been erasing and deleting and starting over because these streets. Very, very lit,” added the singer. “Is everything fine? Yes, everything is OK. I just know that my calling is higher. I will not take credit for that. That’s all God, period.”
A video posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on 
Who knew Brandy was this petty??? #YouOkSis?
What do YOU think about Brandy’s response to Monica???
Brandy Monica
Hit the flip for another video from Brandy.

Game Disses Meek Mill in new song! This just got serious

The Game Fires Back at Meek Mill With 92 Bars

D.C. Police Officer shot and un-armed man turned on body cam after event.

On Sept. 12, Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser told media that the officer involved in a fatal shooting on Sunday did not have his body cam on.
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According to FOX 5 D.C., Fort Washington, Maryland resident Terrence Sterling was riding his motorcycle erratically before officers pulled him over at 4:30 a.m.

Officers report that the 31-year-old struck a police vehicle before officers shot at him.

“Officers found the vehicle over here at the intersection of 3rd and M Streets, Northwest. It is about a block north of New York Avenue,” D.C. Police Assistant Chief Peter Newsham tells reporters. “They were able to stop the vehicle. The person who was riding the motorcycle attempted to flee and ended up striking the police car. At that point, shots were fired. The victim was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.”

In a Monday news conference, Bowser says she reached out to Sterling’s relatives.

She said only the aftermath of the incident was captured on camera — events leading up to the shooting were not.

FOX 5 reports that officers involved were required to turn on their body cams before any encounter begins. But they failed to do so.

The officers were placed on administrative leave for failing to adhere to protocol.

Sterling was an HVAC technician for a contracting firm for nearly a decade.

At this time, media is not aware if the family has retained an attorney.