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: REPORT from Amsterdam – regarding hip hop SUPER-DUPERSTAR Drake. According to MediaTakeOut.com’s TOP SNITCHES Drake suffered from what people are calling a “WEED OVERDOSE”.
Drake abruptly cancelled his Amsterdam concert last night, and the official cause of the cancellation was “illness”. In fact Drake’s official spokesperson said, “Drake wanted to perform tonight, but unfortunately he became ill and his doctor has told him he can’t perform.”
But we’re hearing something DIFFERENT. According to a snitch, Drake reportedly smoked some weed mixed with hash, and it was too strong for him. One person who is in the know claimed, “He overdosed on weed. It wasn’t anything dangerous . . . he just got too high.”

Drake cancelled his tour stop in the Netherlands at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam tonight, with the announcement coming after doors had already opened and the arena was full of concertgoers. According to the promoter who came on stage to announce Drake’s cancellation, he fell ill and was under doctor’s orders not to perform. The show has been moved to Wednesday, March 29. Drake had performances in Amsterdam originally scheduled for January 20 and 21, and then moved to January 26 and 27 before being postponed another time to March 27 and 28. (Two other shows in Amsterdam, rescheduled to January 28 and February 26, went on as planned.) Drake’s most recent project, More Life, recently topped the Billboard chart and set a new streaming record. Pitchfork has reached out to his representatives for comment.

Rapper Drake has a drug overdose forced to cancel Amsterdam show

By: Ace Million on: 3/28/2017

: West Virginia police have arrested two teenage boys, and charged them with animal cruelty.
According to state police, they began investigating the crimewhen pictures and video of the hanging were sent on Snapchat – and went viral.
State Police say that two juveniles admitted to hanging a dog and killing it in Lincoln County.
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They may have found the men who went on Dog murder spree. After Livestreaming

By: Ace Million on: 3/28/2017
: A Nebraska teenager plead guilty to murdering her premature baby girl. The 16 year old tossed the newborn out a second story window to its death. And her punishment – is that a judge ordered her to delete her Facebook account. That’s right – the murderous mom will not spend a day in jail.
Douglas County Juvenile Court Judge Christopher Kelly refused to give Antonia Lopez any time behind bars, the Omaha World Herald reported.
Lopez, 16, was instead ordered to delete her Facebook account, live in a group home, start individual and family therapy and perform 50 hours of community service. The teen was also placed on probation.
According to the outlet, the judge wanted the teen to get rid of her Facebook because the crime has led to people from around the country leaving her negative comments.

Judge orders mom to delete facebook after killing her baby. No jail time.

By: Ace Million on: 3/28/2017
Article Image: Canada on Pace to Legalize Marijuana by 2018
According to Canadian news, the government will introduce a bill next April that will formally legalize the recreational use of Marijuana by July 1st, 2018. Provinces within the country will be able to grow up to 4 plants, with a minimum age requirement of 18. In addition, the Provinces will also decide how the marijuana is distributed and sold, as well as setting the price.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ran on a platform of legalizing marijuana in an effort to keep drugs "out of the hands of children, and the profits out of the hands of criminals." What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.
Source: CBCNew

Canada on Pace to Legalize Marijuana by 2018

By: Ace Million on: 3/27/2017

: Malia Obama is coming under FIRE on social media – people are wondering why she doesn’t have any African-American girlfriends.
People aren’t “criticizing” Malia’s choice of friends, but many are WORRIED.
As one Twitter follower put it, “Malia needs at least ONE Black girlfriend, just in case something goes down.”
Malia is currently in New York City, doing a prestigious internship with the Weinstein production company. She’s taking a gap yer before she plans to enroll in college and pursue her higher education.

Malia Obama dont have any BLACK FRIENDS!! The internet going nuts again

By: Ace Million on: 3/27/2017
: A HORRIFIC TERROR ATTACK hit Cincinnati, Ohio last night – and now people are saying that it could have been a NAZI TERROR ATTACK against African Americans.
According to the Cincinnati police chief, one person was killed and at least 14 others were injured. Chief Paul Neudigate told media that several of the victims have life-threatening injuries.
“We are in the middle of a very horrific situation that occurred at the nightclub with multiple victims. It’s going to be a long night for our homicide units to investigate,” Neudigate said.
So why would someone shoot up Cameo nightclub – on it’s GROWN AND SEXY NIGHT – aimed at African Americans over 25 years old?
Well according to MULTIPLE people who claim to have been at the event – the shooter was “White.” And there’s some speculation that the shooting could be a part of a NAZI TERRORIST action!!!Image result for shooting in cincinnati

Mass shooting on an African American club seem to be a racial terrorist attack.

By: Ace Million on: 3/27/2017
: An Instagram poster claiming to be Russell Wilson’s ex-wife Ashton Wilson is a RACIST. The alleged Ashton liked a very racist post – which suggests that Abraham Lincoln should not have helped free African Americans from slavery.
If this is, in fact, Ashton, we’re so happy that Russell got away from her . . .

NFL STAR Russell Wilson EX WIFE- makes a post saying she regret slaves were freed.!

By: Ace Million on: 3/27/2017
: There’s a new dentist that’s BURNING UP social media – her name is Sarah Glen. Sarah is finishing up DENTAL SCHOOL at Meharry Medical College and is well on her way to becoming one of the SEXIEST DENTISTS IN AMERICA.
In her spare time, when she’s not studying or practicing dentistry in her residency – she does some INSTAGRAM MODELING.
What a beauty.

New Viral Bae is named Sarah Glen going to be a Dentist and IG Model.

By: Ace Million on: 3/27/2017

Illegal Immigrant Charged With RAPING A 2-Year-Old Girl In NEW YORK . . . Then STABBING The Child’s MOTHER!!!Stab_Illegal

: A heinous crime occurred outside of New York City, and the Nassau County police commissioner is calling it “the most heinous criminal act I’ve ever seen.” An illegal immigrant, who has been deported four times and is a member of the barbaric MS-13 street gang, is accused of sexually assaulted a 2-year-old girl and then stabbing two women in a New York City suburb.
The suspect, Tommy Vladim Alvarado-Ventura, 31, a member of the notoriously violent MS-13 gang, allegedly sexually assaulted the 2-year-old daughter of his girlfriend while she was at work late Tuesday night.
He then went to a bar, outside of which he got into an argument with a 24-year-old woman about purchasing marijuana around 2:20 a.m. After “punching and kicking her,” he pulled out a knife and stabbed her “multiple times, causing her to sustain a collapsed lung.”
But there’s more. Tommy fled the scene and returned to his girlfriend’s house. When she came back from work, she discovered the “severe injuries” her daughter had suffered at the hands of her boyfriend. The confrontation turned violent and he stabbed his girlfriend “multiple times.”

Illegal Immigrant Charged With RAPING A 2-Year-Old Girl In NEW YORK

By: Ace Million on: 3/27/2017

Instagram Model Claims To Have The ‘BEST THIGHS IN THE GAME’ . . . Is She Right . . . Or Are Her Thighs ‘TOO THICK’???

: Instagram and fitness model Kathy Drayton is famous not only for her looks, and her eyes – but her amazing LEGS.
Kathy, who works out 5 days a week, is known as having the “best thighs in the gae”. But not everyone likes the beauty’s legs.
Some actually say that she’s “too thick”.
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New IG Model going viral for "Best Legs in World" What you think.

By: Ace Million on: 3/27/2017
 Rihanna shows off her unique style as she leaves her home in NYC for a trip to the dentist. Rihanna looks trendy in a army green cap, patterned head scarf, white knit crop top, flared denim, platform shoes, and an army green bomber jacket.Rihanna_Baggy1

90's style baggy jeans coming back?

By: Ace Million on: 3/24/2017
In December Angela Simmons, who stars on the hit E! series Growing Up Hip Hop, announced that she and her baby’s father Sutton Tennyson were going to get married this summer.
Well word is that Angela may have called off the wedding, and split with her baby daddy.
If you look on her Instgaram, she’s stopped wearing her engagement ring and has totally STOPPED posting pictures of her baby daddy online.
Angela’s son Sutton Joseph was born on September 22 last year.


Angela Simmons Is Now A SINGLE MAMA . . . She Reportedly BROKE UP

By: Ace Million on: 3/24/2017

Modern medicine is nothing short of miraculous. Injuries that would have been DEVASTATING to a persons lifw just 10 years ago – can now be fixed up almost perfectly.
That’s the case in the below images. Where a 7 year old boy fell from a balcony and landed on an iron fence. The fence RIPPED the boys face apart, and had to be surgically removed.
But when doctors removed the fence – they were left with the MANGLED FACE of the handsome young man.
Look what an AMAZING JOB they did. The young man is expected to make a full recovery. Medical_Miracle1Medical_Miracle2

Doctors Remove FENCE . . . From A 7 Year Old Boy’s FACE . . . And Make Him Look LIKE NEW!! (Graphic Before And After Pics)

By: Ace Million on: 3/24/2017
Sade – gov’t name Helen Folasade Adu, by way of Nigeria – first broke on the scene in the early eighties and released her debut album Diamond Life in 1984. The album sold over six million copies, becoming one of the top-selling debut recordings of the 1980s, and the best-selling debut ever by a British female vocalist.
Drake wasn’t even a thought yet. (He born in 1986).


Drake got a tattoo of his new girlfriend. Which is Sade!!!

By: Ace Million on: 3/24/2017
RapePolice first learned of the attack after the girl’s mother approached Superintendent Eddie Johnson late Monday afternoon and showed him screenshots of the alleged assault. The teenager had been reported missing Sunday night after failing to return home from the store.
The horrifying attack was made even more disturbing because as many as 40 people watched the live feed showing up to six people sexually assaulting the teen and did not report it to the police.
The girl’s mother Stacey Elkins told WLS that the look on her daughter’s face when she saw the video was “just pure fear.”
“It was very, very graphic. She’s pulled toward the bed,” the girl’s uncle Reginald King, who first spotted the video, told the Chicago Tribune. “To have it put out there like that, publicly. It’s not right.”

15-Year-Old Chicago Girl Is GANG RAPED . . . They Streamed It On Facebook Live . . . And 40 People Watched .. . And Hit The ‘LIKE’ Button!!!!!!

15-Year-Old Chicago Girl Is RAPED as it is streamed on Facebook Live.

By: Ace Million on: 3/24/2017
Diddy_CassieCLAIM1: A production team for Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Revolt ​TV ​is suing the ​cable ​and radio network claiming reverse discrimination – saying they were fired for being old white men.
Douglas Goodstein and four producers, who’d previously worked for “The Howard Stern Show,” were hired by Revolt TV in January 2014.
The team produced ​its popular urban talk radio program “The Breakfast Club” that airs mornings on Power 105.1 FM.
But the producers, who are all white and over age 39, say they were “treated worse than other employees who were younger and African American.”
Executive Vice President Val Boreland “was always rude, condescending and dismissive towards the Goodstein Production Team,” the Manhattan civil suit ​claims.

Diddy being sued for discrimination towards white men

By: Ace Million on: 3/24/2017

Related image

Ross tells Birdman to pull up! Birdman responds to Rivals diss.

By: Ace Million on: 3/22/2017

The ‘CASH ME OUTSIDE’ Girls Mother FINALLY HAD ENOUGH . . . Mom Is Caught On Video . . . BRUTALLY BEATING 13 Year Old Daughter!!! (Is This Child Abuse??)


We learned that there’s a video circulating – which shows a recent SNAP of Danielle ‘Cash Me Outside’ Brignnoli – and it is HOCKING.
Danielle gained celebrity fame, when she went on Tehe Dr Phil Show – and disrespected her mother on national television. At the time people were wondering WHY her mother never took EXTREME measures – to discipline her.
Well now that appears to have happened. In the below video, Danielle’s mom catches her urinating in the driveway – and beats her up.


Video Player

Cash me outside girl recently abused on camera by mom. Should she be charged?

By: Ace Million on: 3/22/2017
: Last night on Love & Hip Hop – it went DOWN. The series made an explosive reveal: that two strippers, Keanna and Jasmine – who are currently living together with their “man” Rod – both said they slept with Rasheeda’s husband Kirk Frost. And Jasmine claims that her almost one-year-old son is Kirk’s.
Well as the episode ended – Rasheeda took off her ring and left her cheating husband Kirk.
It now appears that the couple has reconciled. The Below pics were taken over the weekend.

Despite All The CHEATING . . . Rasheeda Has TAKEN KIRK BACK!!!

By: Ace Million on: 3/22/2017

Beautifu Model Is Claiming That Designer KARL KANI . . . RAPED HER . . . DO YOU BELIEVE HER??? (Full Story)

: A California model claims that she was raped by fashion designer mogul Karl Kani. Here is her story:
Here are pics of her:

Beautiful Model Is Claiming That Designer KARL KANI . . . RAPED HER . . . DO YOU BELIEVE HER??? (Full Story)

By: Ace Million on: 3/22/2017

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